Boogie Board Blackboard Letter 8.5 x 11 inches – Paperless Notepad – Authentic Boogie Board



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Product Description

boogie board blackboardboogie board blackboard

What makes Boogie Board so special?

How about a US based company with patented liquid crystal technology that took 15 years to develop?

Boogie Board eWriters have been in existence since 2010 and have become ubiquitous when it comes to electronic writing with the most natural feel of handwriting.

We’re based in Kent, Ohio, USA, and our team of scientists, researchers, developers, engineers, manufacturing workers, designers, engineers, and dedicated business support staff spend every day passionately thinking about one thing – redefining writing through technology. We aren’t a business unit or division in some greater conglomerate. This is all we do. The Boogie Board brand is our life.

We believe passionately that Boogie Board eWriters are for everyone. That’s why we dedicate an enormous amount of energy towards product design that works. Whether it’s to inspire creative play or spark creative confidence, we design with you in mind. No detail is ever left behind.

drawing tabletdrawing tablet

Liquid Crystal Paper – A writing tool to plan, sketch and design just like paper

4 included templates for lined, dot grid, day planner, and plain black
Stylus with magnetic holder
5-year replaceable battery
1-year replacement
Semi-transparent surface
Precision erasing
Save your work with the app

It’s a whole new way to write, edit, and erase. Yet it feels like nothing new at all.

boogie board writer

boogie board writer



liquid crystal paper with erasing

liquid crystal paper with erasing

Perfectly effortless

Back to basics convenience with nothing to charge, plug in, or turn on.

Somehow it’s electronic. Somehow you’ll never notice.

The future is clear

Write on anything. lines, grids, photographs – even digital screens like smartphones and tablets.

Write on! The world is your notepad.

Erase like a pencil

The touch of a button clears the entire surface or erase like pencil with exact-erase.

best simple note taking tabletbest simple note taking tablet

Winning features

Blackboard by Boogie Board is the first-ever writing tool featuring Liquid Crystal Paper, offering a new way to plan, write and design by hand that somehow feels like nothing new at all.

Unlike other electronic writing solutions offered by more expensive tablets and smart devices, Liquid Crystal Paper write with absolutely no lag or delay with nothing to turn on, plug in or charge – making Blackboard ideal for all writing activities like notes, lists, sketches and more.

simple ewritersimple ewriter

Game changing technology

Perhaps its biggest breakthrough is the 8.5″ x 11″ letter-size, semi-transparent writing surface that allows you to electronically write on any document, photo, map, or digital screens – ideal for collaborative editing, designing floor plans, tracing, planning, and writing over templates.

A single touch of the Clear button erases the entire writing surface, but now for the first time ever, Blackboard offers precise control for a pencil-like erasing experience using exact-erase technology.

drawing tabletdrawing tablet

Capture and share with the Blackboard App

The free Blackboard app makes it easy to capture, organize, search, and share your work, doodles, designs, lists, and more.

VERSATILE – WRITE ON ANYTHING: Use one of the four included templates or write on photographs, documents… anything.
SIMPLE – ALWAYS ON AND READY TO WRITE: Blackboard Letter writing surface requires nothing to charge and is always ready to go.
NATURAL – JUST WRITE AND ERASE: Fast, one-touch instant clear button erases the entire surface. Exact-Erase lets you erase like a pencil.
CAPTURE – SCAN USING YOUR PHONE: The free Blackboard app for iOS and Android makes it easy to capture, organize, search and share your work, designs, soodles and lists.
AUTHENTIC: The paperless writing display inside every Boogie Board is developed in Ohio by US based company Kent Displays, Inc. using patented liquid crystal display technology.


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